The initial log in screen of Uwazi. This screen also gives access to reset password and Create (new) account functions

This screen is seen when you first access Uwazi. It can be used to log in to Uwazi using an existing user account. You will need to know your username and your password. These are entered into the two appropriate fields. You then can either use the TAB key to move to the Submit button, or use your mouse to press the Submit button to send this to the Uwazi server.

  • If successful, you will be logged in
  • If unsuccessful, the screen will re-display with errors shown and you may re-enter your username or password

The other buttons on this screen can be accessed through the TAB key, or through the mouse.

The Reset password button allows you to change your password
The Create Account button allows you to create a new user account. You will generally only need one Uwazi Account, because you can access many Uwazi memberships and Databases all through one account, even across unrelated businesses.