Select Uwazi Memberships and Databases

Help Category: Users

This screen shows two selection boxes. The first is used to select memberships that you can access. The second allows you to select any databases that you can access. A logout button and a button to create new memberships are available.

This screen allows you to access any Uwazi memberships or databases that you have access to.

  • Uwazi memberships are where you control how you are billed for use of Uwazi services. Memberships can contain one or more databases. You are not billed for memberships themselves. You are billed for databases within memberships.
  • Databases contain accounting records, invoices, transactions, etc. You can consider an Uwazi database as the master folder for an organization that you wish to have accounting information for.

Use the mouse or your TAB key to access either of the selection fields. You may start typing the name of the membership or database you wish to access. You can also press the DOWN key to access a filtered list based on what you have already entered. Once you can see the desired membership or database, you can select it using arrow keys or the mouse.

This screen also features several buttons:

  • The Logout button can be used to log out from Uwazi. Once logged out, your account cannot be used for further access to Uwazi memberships or databases until you log back in again.
  • The Sign up new Uwazi membership can be used to create a new Uwazi membership.

Quick Tip

You only need additional Uwazi memberships if you need databases with separate billing. If you need more than one database, but they can be billed together, then create them under the same membership.