The Create new account page that asks for details of the new Uwazi user account. A 'Create account' and 'Cancel' button show below the fields.

Once you have agreed to the legal agreement, Uwazi will show you the screen above. Here, you can provide details of your new Uwazi user account.

This screen has the following fields:

  • Username: A username that consists of a series of characters that you will use to log in to Uwazi. This username must be unique. It will be checked by Uwazi once you leave this field, and when you attempt to create the account. If the username is already taken, try another one, or append some number characters at the end
  • Email: The email address that you can receive Uwazi system emails from. You will need to be able to access this email as Uwazi will need to confirm it by emailing you a conformation email to finalize creating your account
  • Given name: Your given name
  • Family name: Your family name
  • Password: The password that you wish to use to access Uwazi
  • Repeat password: Please enter the same text in this field as you did for the Password field. Uwazi will check that both fields hold the same value. Uwazi will inform you if this is not the case

Once you are satisfied with your entries into the above fields, you then can either click or use the TAB key to move to and press ENTER on the Create account button. Your entries will be sent to the Uwazi server.

  • If successful, Uwazi will inform you that an email has been sent. Check your email. If you don’t find it, please make sure it has not been sent to a spam folder.
  • If unsuccessful, the screen will re-display with errors shown and you may change your entries as appropriate.

You may decide to not create an account by using the Cancel button.