Creating a new membership

Help Category: Memberships

Screen showing the creation of a new Uwazi membership, with name and contact details of the member, and a primary and secondary address shown

This screen allows you to create a new Uwazi membership. An Uwazi membership contains and controls accounting databases.

Your membership allows you control of billing of your databases.

Please provide details of your Uwazi membership on this screen. The fields are as follows:

  • Salutation: Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr, etc. Use this field only if the membership is for an individual. You would generally only use an individual membership if you were going to create a database for a sole trader business. If you are using some corporate structure like a company or trust, then leave this field blank
  • Family or Company name: For most memberships, put your organization name here. For an individual membership, put the individual’s family name here. Note that an individual member’s family name does not need to be the same as your user’s family’s name, which would be the case if you are creating a membership for someone else
  • Given name: For companies/trusts, leave this field blank. For individual memberships, the given name of the member
  • Phone and Email fields: Provide contact information as appropriate. Uwazi fills out the Work email 1 field based on your user’s email address. If you are creating a membership for someone else, you may wish to change this field value


Uwazi supports multiple addresses per membership. The screen will load with one pre-loaded, and additional address fields can be added by pressing one of the buttons.

Each address consists of:

  • Unit number
  • Street (part 1)
  • Street (part 2)
  • City
  • Postcode/zip
  • State/Province
  • Country: The Country field is required

To delete an address, press the button. If you accidentally press this button, or change your mind, you can press the button that replaces this button.

You can change the order of addresses by pressing the and buttons.

Finishing with this screen

If you wish to proceed with creating this new Uwazi membership, then click the “Create Uwazi member” button. Otherwise, press the “Cancel” button.