Select your plan and chart of accounts

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This screen allows you to select the initial plan that will apply to this Uwazi database.

This screen enables you to select the plan and chart of accounts that your database will use.

Selecting your plan

You may select your plan using the Billing plan selection field. Uwazi plans include unlimited transaction entry and access. Your plans provide allowances for reports, both to your browser and PDFs. Plans also provide a data storage allowance.

A plan is selected by choosing it in the Billing plan list field shown on the screen. Press the button to open the list to see all available plans.

Quick Tip

You are not charged any plan access fee for your new database in the first month! This is part of your Uwazi free trial. You also get 3x the normal plan report allowance in your first month, again at no charge. Charges will apply after your first month, and if you exceed the increased plan allowance, if you want to continue to use Uwazi.

You can find more information about Uwazi’s US and International plans here.

If your business is based in Australia, you must choose an Australian plan that includes Australian GST. You can find more information about Uwazi’s Australian plans here.

Chart of accounts

Every database needs to have a chart of accounts. A chart of accounts is a list of accounts that categorize each type of asset, liability, equity, income or expense of your business. Furthermore, the chart of accounts is used to structure many reports that Uwazi generates. Your chart of accounts is a product of the reporting needs of your business and personal preferences.

Uwazi can generate a starting chart of accounts for your business based on a template. The Chart of Accounts field lists the available templates. You can access this list by pressing the button on the list. Choose the one that most closely resembles your business. It does not need to be an exact match and you can update your chart of accounts later.

You can also create your chart of accounts manually. You may wish to do this if you have a clear idea of what you want your chart of accounts to be in your database. Select the “Manual” option from the list if you wish to create your chart of accounts manually. If you choose this option, you will need to create a minimum “bare bones” chart of accounts as part of this database creation process. The screens following this one will help you do this.