Tracking your business

Sick of expensive or outdated accounting software?

Outgrown your spreadsheet?

Let Uwazi show you another way.

Keeping good records

Graduated from keeping it all in the shoebox?

Uwazi can take your accounts to the next level.


Free Trial

Your first month with us is FREE!* You choose a plan when creating your company file, and that plan will not be charged in your first month.

You get three times that plan’s usual included usage to help you get started.

*Charges apply if you exceed the included plus bonus free usage and you wish to continue to use Uwazi.

Month to Month Subscription

Uwazi Online Accounting has no long term contracts. Your plan is month to month. You can change your plan at any time and your change will take effect for your next month.

Stored in the cloud

Ever had a hard drive crash? Don’t lose all that hard work.

Uwazi has you covered.

Choose your device

Working on a desktop?
Out and about on a phone?

Uwazi works on any internet device.


Safe and Secure

Your accounting information is sensitive?

Uwazi is built on technology that leading edge in keeping your information safe.


Unlimited transaction entry

Uwazi Online Accounting allows you to make unlimited entries, no matter what your billing plan. This means unlimited spending or receiving money, purchases, sales and general journal transactions.

Phew! Rest easy!


Sales Quotations

You can prepare quotations made to your customers in Uwazi Online Accounting. Once your customers proceed to order, simply convert your quotation to a sales order. Once you are ready to bill, you can convert your existing order to an invoice.

Unlimited Accounts

Uwazi Online Accounting allows you to structure your accounts how you need to. There is no limit to the number of bank accounts, credit cards. You can organise them how you like with no limit to the number of header accounts and how you group them.

Keep old data

Some accounting solutions require you delete old data each year. Not with Uwazi. You can keep old data for as long as you need to and you can report on any time period you like. You can even report across time periods!

Always available

Ready to get up to date.

Uwazi is ready for you day or night.


Roll over excess usage

Having a quiet month? Uwazi lets you roll over your allowances into the next month, up to a whole months worth! For many, this means you may not need to pay any more for a busy month that comes after a quiet month.

Tax time

All of us running a business have to report to tax authorities. Uwazi Online Accounting helps you through tax reports for sales tax and GST/VAT. You can use multiple tax codes for different tax rates or different tax authorities. At the end of the year your Profit and Loss report and Balance Sheet help you for your annual income tax filing.

Pages side by side

Uwazi Online Accounting allows you show two pages on the screen side by side – right in your browser! You can be working on a report and click a transaction to view it and look at your report at the same time. Or maybe two transactions, side by side. You can organize your work in tabs so you can keep your older pages to be able to refer to them.

Open features

Uwazi Online Accounting does not lock out premium features from our cheaper plans. If you use premium features a small amount, then you only need a lighter plan. If you find they are adding value to your business and you need to use them more, then you can trade up plans.

Why Uwazi?

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well”

John D. Rockefeller Jr.